A-01 Headphones
A-01 Headphones
A-01 Headphones
A-01 Headphones

A-01 Headphones

Sale price$349.00

The A-01 Headphones use a health-check algorithm to tailor sound to your unique hearing profile. Including features like noise cancelling, Bluetooth®, in-built microphone and 30+ hours battery life, the Audeara A-01 Headphones give you everything a headphone should - plus more.

    Australian engineered
    2 year manufacturers warranty
    60 day return period
    Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth® 4.2
    Active noise cancelling Yes
    Listening time 35+ hours
    Speakers 40mm Mylar Drivers
    Frequency response 20Hz – 22kHz
    Audio impedance 32 Ohm
    Charging Micro USB
    Wired connection 3.5mm jack

    Product Features

    Walk and talk with Bluetooth<sup>®</sup> connectivity

    The powerful inbuilt microphone means you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard. With Bluetooth capability, it’s effortless to connect your headphones to your phone, tablet or laptop.

    Block out noise with ANC

    Active noise cancellation and soft over-ear cups completely cover the ear, significantly reducing background noise. In combination with personalized sound, you can focus at work or tune out distractions at home, enhancing the sounds that matter.

    Plug and play with quality that lasts

    Reliable. Convenient. Without the hassle of frequent charging. Audeara headphones are easy to use and built from durable, quality materials, with an extra long battery life of 30+ hours.

    Experience the Audeara difference

    Tailor your listening experience in three simple steps.

    Check your hearing

    We all hear differently - even your left ear hears differently to your right. Connect your Audeara headphones to our app and take a simple hearing health check in just minutes.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Stephanie Fielding
    The sound comes from everywhere

    Loved them to death. The sound was impeccable. I would sleep in them to drown out noisy neighbours. They made listening to podcasts feel like the people were in the room, which could be disconcerting as I live alone. They made Whitney Houston come alive but where they really showed off was with classical music. My hearing loss is moderate (due to listening to loud music since the womb) so these were able to rectify my losses. The Bluetooth had a really long range too, so you don't have to have your phone on you, it could be 3 rooms away. I have since upgraded (due to wearing them out) to the AO2s, which are also incredible.